Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Tricks With The EOS-5D Mark II

Yesterday I put the new camera to it's first real test. Shooting in low light with a long exposure, f8.5 at 2.5 seconds (ISO 100), made the skaters disappear. In fact, the only skaters visible in the ISO 100 frame are the two in yellow coats who, for some reason, were standing still. The other skaters were exposed at ISO 3200 (1/30th second) in subsequent frames and strategically transplanted in the ISO 100 frame using Photoshop, and adding a little more blur to soften the noise resulting from the increased chip sensitivity.
Above: Canon EOS-5DII, 70~200/2.8 Canon Zoom Lens EF L Ultrasonic, ISO 100 & 3200


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