Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday Presence

November has always been my favorite month, all the best stuff seems to happen to me in November. For starters, my birthday is in November... today, in fact... and a happy one it is?

By way of presents, some really good things have come my way. One November morning, in the early days of the world wide web, the New York Times online edition ran a story spotlighting my web site (that gave me good buzz!). A few years later, following the terror attack at the World Trade Center, The Digital Journalist published a couple of my pictures in a story called Seeing The Horror, first-hand accounts by photojournalists on the scene on September 11, 2001.

Being part of The Digital Journalist's story is, thinking about it now, is perhaps my proudest moment in the business. I've been published just about everywhere that means anything to anybody over the years but being included in that group of extraordinary photographers, having the recognition of The Digital Journalist is really gratifying... there's nothing like a magazine about photojournalism, by photojournalists, saying hey, you've made a great picture.

So... what did I get for my birthday today?

Today, on Facebook, the ASMP NY group is closing in favor of a fan page. I joined as a fan, no big deal.

AT&T sent me a note telling me that they're moving (taking away) my two favorite TV channels to the HD Premium Tier effective today. Of course, for another five dollars a month I can get them back. I paid, no big deal.

Also today, I got a note from Dirck Halstead, Editor and Publisher of The Digital Journalist, saying that "Canon, whose market has been impacted by these turbulent times, has decided they can no longer afford to provide their financial backing to The Digital Journalist." This is bad news, this is a big deal!

The Digital Journalist has set-up a PayPal link for their 10,000 readers, and urgently asks for your pledges "so we can continue the work which will help us all. We have never solicited paid subscriptions, but these dire times call for dire measures. If you value The Digital Journalist, this is the time to step up and make a pledge. If enough people do, we may be able to keep The Digital Journalist alive. Consider it as an investment in yourself, and the future."

As far as I'm concerned, The Digital Journalist has been required reading since its inception, whether you're a photojournalist or just a photographer. That hasn't changed. Let's help them survive so it never will change.


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