Monday, September 14, 2009

What's The Frequency, Dan?

The past few days we've seen cool mornings with a heavy fog here in Chicagoland and as I walked to the corner to get my Sunday NY Times yesterday I noticed that leaves were already dropping from some of the trees. In the land of endless winter, the fact that this was occurring a full week before the calendar officially turns to Autumn really didn't surprise me.

I remembered that a few years ago, still living in New York City, I'd wanted to make a trip to Vermont to catch the fall colors but, because of a busy schedule, I was unable to get away. Instead, I headed off to the Upper East Side to make pictures of rush hour traffic. Being that the color of rush hour on New York streets is predominantly yellow (taxis) and red (brake lights), I was inspired to scan and manipulate the image to imitate the fall colors I was missing by not taking the ride to Vermont. It turned-out to be a good idea for a city boy.
Canon EOS-1N, 600/4.0 Canon Lens EF L Ultrasonic, Fujichrome Provia 100 film


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