Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Welcome To The Colonel's Kitchen

It's been a month since I was last here, so if you're wondering where I've been...

Well... after a generally sedate fourth quarter of 2006, business in the new year has taken off like a rocket. Can't really complain about that, I've been busier in the past two months than I would have imagined.

Last year I finally committed to "going digital," and I spent quite a while getting myself oriented. It was really difficult for me to abandon the film-based workflow that has sustained me in my craft since I was just a kid, but in the first five weeks of 2007 I've finally arrived in the digital world. Film, for me, is a thing of the past. While I did only a small portion of my work digitally last year, I'm done with film, I'm gone, my feet are firmly planted in the world of digital photography.

I've most recently taken the cameras, lights, meters and laptop on a tour of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants, photographing for the company that makes the tables, chairs, booths, counters, signage, etc. As my client told me about the KFC in Williamport, Pennsylvania: "We need a great image of the front counter, we made everyting from the floor to the ceiling."

My M.O. was to be in the restaurant as early as possible, generally arriving around five o'clock in the morning, doing my work and being packed-up and in the wind before the first customer walks through the door at ten thirty. Can you believe it? People are eating fried chicken at ten thirty in the morning? Neither can I.

My motto throughout: Don't eat the food!


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