Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Called 'Global Warming,' George

The President may be in denial but anyone who was in New York City yesterday, where the temperature neared 60 degrees, could have told you: this is one very warm December. As usual for Christmas Eve, children of all ages were dreaming of snow, but this year there's not a flake in the sky or on the ground. Today's weather forecast is, according to The New York Times, for "increasing clouds, then rain," with a high temperature of 47 degrees.

Taking no cue from reality I finally (after much equivocation and procrastination) e-mailed a Christmas card to my friends showing the Flatiron Building shrouded in snow... a sort of ghost of Christmases past, and wishfull thinking on the part of this 53 year-old child.

Looking ahead, the forecast shows clear/sunny skies with temperatures increasing through the upper forties through December 31st, New Year's Eve, with a high of 55 degrees. It's called 'Global Warming,' George.


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