Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Jersey At Last

I've been living in, and working from, New Jersey for eight years now and still my clients are from everywhere but New Jersey. I've shot for west coast and mid-west clients. English, Spanish, Canadian, Brazilian and Japanese clients. A whole lot of New York City clients, but never, never, a client based in New Jersey.

This afternoon my phone rang and it was a guy from the design department of a multinational financial company and his office is in Newark. At last, a New Jersey client! Actually, not a client yet... I only sent an estimate so far... but I have my fingers crossed.

I've done a lot of shooting in New Jersey however and the last time I shot a job in Newark I was doing an editorial piece for an airline's magazine on the revitalization of Newark's downtown (EWR is one of their hubs). Hotels, restaurants, minor league baseball and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), pictured above.

Okay y'all, keep your fingers crossed, I need a reason to have my NJ Sales Tax ID Number. I've been filing returns full of zeroes for eight years and I think it's finally time to shock some clerk/typist in Trenton.


Blogger FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Hey Joe, first off kudos on the new blog, love the posts. Great way to boost traffic to your website, you'll really start seeing it in a few weeks.. I have found that blogs get great searches from the googlebot.. As far as working in your backyard, I feel your pain, we are out of Hartford and have done a total of TWO jobs in the state of Connecticut year to date.. Love to travel around the country shooting, but it does get a bit frustrating having to get on an airplane to go to work.. What do you think it is? Is it attractive to hire from outside? Anyway just my 2 cents.. Keep up with the posting.

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