Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's A Wonderful Life

I'm breaking two of my rules this morning: 1) never show anything but your best work; and, 2) said I wasn't going to write this weekend. The situation is complicated by the fact that today is Fathers' Day and I have two really great kids who, as many will this morning, made their dad a deluxe breakfast.

Pictured at right (though it's not my best food photo ever) is a little something whipped up by Aron (13) and Alex (8)..... The boys made me an onion, garlic & cheese omelette with a tomatilla salsa and orange lime crepes, orange juice and coffee..... all without their mother's help. In fact, Aron is already an accomplished gourmet chef and Alex is right behind him. And pardon this gratutious plug, but they're chips off the old block, I do most of the cooking in our house.

Anyway, I'm blessed with two really talented boys. Aron, left, as I mentioned, is already a very fine cook. He watches Food Network nearly non-stop (takes a break for Smallville and 24) while his friends are watching baseball, football, basketball, etc. Truth be known, I never watched sports on TV either.

Alex, right, has been playing guitar and taking lessons since he's four and a half, so it's just about half his life (he'll be nine soon). I can hear him practicing on his Stratocaster in the background, playing John Lennon's "Come Together." I have no doubts that he'll be pushing Eric Clapton out of the limelight very soon.

We're going to visit my father this afternoon, making a BBQ at his house with my brothers. Perhaps I'll bring the present my kids got for me and use it at Dad's... they bought me a hamburger press. It doesn't get any better than this!


Anonymous said...

Joe - very cool. You have two beautiful boys and they are already working on things that they love! How wonderful is that?

Happy Father's Day


11:07 AM  
Blogger Dennis Connors said...

Darn good breakfast you had there. Let me know when his retaurant opens. I'm there. I made my own, but that's cuz my 19 year old daughter was already off to work. Now THAT's a father's day gift I've been awaiting for a long, long time. I sent my dad flowers, which makes my mom happy. When mom's happy, dad's happy.
cheers, Dennis

1:26 PM  

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