Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It’s Farmers’ Market Season Again

So much of our lives, it seems, centers on food. Maybe that’s why I’m a touch over-weight these days. More than likely it’s because I simply don’t get as much exercise living in the burbs as I did when I lived in the city. Oh, well.

And ‘food’ has taken on another role in daily life for me... as President of my local ASMP chapter I feel it necessary to participate in all of the ASMP’s e-mail forums (thankfully, there are only four) and the newest is ASMPfood. In a post to the ASMPfood forum this morning I briefly alluded to an encounter with a 90 lb. swordfish and I’m sure that some of my correspondents will look at the swordfish image and say, “this isn’t food photography!!”

Well, I’m not a food specialist but I shoot my share of food images. In fact, I’ve recently had six assignments for a local magazine, three of the shoots qualified as food photography... I photographed a family sitting down to a traditional Christmas dinner (shoot now, publish later). I made some pictures of a chef cooking in his restaurant and some of his signature dishes (elegantly plated, of course) and I made an essay at a local Asian supermarket. I’ll show selects from those in a subsequent posting.

In the meantime, with the arrival of consistently warm weather it’s farmers’ market season again. I love buying fresh produce grown locally and I also love sightseeing at other farmers markets that I happen upon wherever I may be.

If it’s Tuesday, I must be heading for the Millburn Farmers’ Market. As you might expect, I do my sightseeing with a camera.


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