Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's All About The Chase?

Wayne Carini of F40 Motorsports remarks, at the opening of his popular television show Chasing Classic Cars"win or lose, it's all about the chase."Of course he's referring to the excitement of finding rare, classic automobiles... wherever he has to go, whatever he has to do... and bringing them back to life and to market, or to a particular client. But it's not really all about the chase, it's really all about service.

I feel the same way and at ADT Custom Home Services we really are all about service.Sometimes that means going to extraordinary lengths to provide my clients with the solutions they need and in the manner in which they prefer. This can be a little idiosyncratic sometimes, but it's never boring. Can it be all about the chase?Absolutely!One of my favorite recent episodes was all about the chase. My client preferred, for whatever reason, to conduct the initial phase of his research via text messageIt's not the usual medium I employ, and certainly not my medium of choice when interacting with a client but... as I've said many times, I've been doing this a long time and I'm not bored yet. And like Wayne, "I'll go anywhere, do anything,"... and though he's talking about chasing down cars for his clients and I'm designing security programs for mine, I'll do whatever it takes to satisfy my clients, even if that means conducting business by text message. It's not really all about the chase, it's really all about service.


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