Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday, Oct 1, 2010 - 5:11 PM

I love people who strategically time their phone calls. Had one yesterday from a guy who's a marketing executive at a nearby corporate office. He wanted information but he really didn't want to talk to me so he called just after the close of business yesterday. Unfortunately, for him, I was still in my office.

Phone: Ring, ring.
Me: Hello, this is Joe.
Him: Oh, hi, how do you pronounce your last name?
Po - ber - es - kin
Yeah. Sorry, I was hoping to get your voicemail, I just wanted to hear your name pronounced correctly.
And you are?
My name's Greg Sherwood.
And you just wanted to hear my voicemail pronounce my name?
Yeah. I was looking at your web site.
(He wants to hang-up but I'm having too much fun, so I keep talking...)
Were you just site-seeing or is there something specific? Where are you from?
Oh, I'm from Deerfield but I work in Lincolnshire.
Really? I'm in Deerfield too. What do you do in Lincolnshire?
I'm a marketing executive at XYZ Products.
No kidding? I know your company, it's just a mile up Milwaukee Avenue on the left.
Cool. Do you ever commission photographers?
Yeah, we do.
Great. When do we start?


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