Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Verdict Is In... ImageSpan!

Having given very careful consideration, and having committed to deciding by the end of the year; I've opened an account with ImageSpan and I'm now using their LicenseStream PRO service to automate the licensing of my stock images. No, I haven't forsaken my ususal outlets, but I've added ImageSpan to the mix. Now there will be a click-through solution from my web site to the ImageSpan portal for e-commerce enabled licensing of my rights-managed stock images that are not included in my collections at Getty Images, AGE Fotostock or Mira.

Why ImageSpan? To quote from their web site: ImageSpan's powerful LicenseStream platform is designed with a number of audiences in mind — from enterprise to creator. LicenseStream delivers a smart, powerful, easy-to-use set of Web services that allows a buyer to license content quickly and a seller to syndicate content safely. The result? Dramatically lower costs, faster time-to-market for all types of digital media – images, audio, video and text – and no liability.

Another feature that I really like: ImageSpan's LicenseStream platform enables rapid compliance with the PLUS licensing standards, adopted by major global publishers, through its LicenseStream Creator PRO service for individual creators and small agencies, and it's API for media companies, advertising agencies, and content production businesses.

All I have to do now is redesign my web site to incorporate the portal and I'll be ready to roll. That'll keep me busy through April (or May?)!


Anonymous Rich Green said...

In 6 months, please let us know how it's working.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Joe P. said...


Honestly, I think it'll be 18 months before there's any useful data to report... and that's assuming ImageSpan will live that long. Remember Digital Railroad??

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Benjamin Reed said...

I joined too. Not sure how it's going to turn out, but I'm apprehensive. It's a great idea.

Benjamin Reed

10:46 PM  

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