Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's 10:00 PM. Do You Know Where Your Pictures Are?

I made a post to APAnet regarding under-priced photography, citing an outfit called NY Food Photography as an example. No sooner had I spoken than James Lauritz, of Melbourne (Australia), responded: I am an Australian photographer and all (bar 3) of the photographs on their entire site were taken by me about 2 years ago for Convent Bakery here in Melbourne (for a lot more than they would quote).

In my last post here, Flattery Will Get You Nowhere, I wrote about scams directed at photographers. This NY Food Photography operation is a scam perpetrated by photographers! Does anyone know these guys?

My colleague, John Harrington, picked-up my comment on APAnet and did his own investigation which appears on his blog, Photo Business News & Forum today. The whole story is a shocker and points to the larger question: It's 10:00 PM. Do you know where your pictures are?


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