Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy Cow... A Two-Wheeled Society!!

GIRTON, Cambridgeshire (UK) - Been staying in Girton the past week. Girton is northwest of Cambridge, just a few miles away. Also about a mile east of Histon, which is more-or-less due north of Cambridge. The geography being what it is and the price of petrol being in the range of $8.00/gallon, or twice what I pay in Chicago, I've hired a bicycle and been getting around that way. It takes about fifteen minutes to bike into the center of Cambridge from here.

Cambridge is a college town, a very famous college town, and it's the major urban center for the region. As with any urban center on a Sunday, the park... theirs is called Jesus Green... is full of the usual types..... picnicers, sun worshipers, football (soccer) players, joggers, skateborders, roller-bladers, bicyclists, etc, etc. Oh, there's one more thing they have in the park here that we don't ever see in New York or Chicago parks: cows.

Notice the bicyclist in the picture? This truly a two-wheeled society. Bicyclists are everywhere. In fact, when I left the restaurant where I had dinner last night I turned around just in time to see a bicyclist whiz by..... at 10:30 PM.

Now, the last time I was in the UK was 1983. I recall being appalled at the food and that led me to think the English didn't know anything about cooking. Having much better guidance this time around I'm pleased to learn that I was horribly mislead on my last visit and the food here is really quite good..... Bradan Rost (kiln-roasted) salmon pate, king scallops pan-fried with garlic butter, minted garden peas, chips (french fries, to you), coffee & chocolate tart..... dinner at Loch Fyne last night.
Two above: Canon EOS-5D, 28~105/3.5~4.5 Canon EF Ultrasonic lens, ISO 200
Loch Fyne: Leica D-LUX 3, 28~112/2.8~4.9 Leitz DC Vario-Elmarit lens, ISO 400


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