Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quite Pleased With Myself, Actually

CINCINNATI, Ohio - The Pobereskin family is all here. There are, as far as we know (and there was a fair bit of discussion about this last night), only eleven of us worldwide and given the geographic distribution of the members of the clan it is quite a feat.

The last all encompassing gathering of the Pobereskins was, I think, in the summer of 1996, in Chatham, Massachusets on Cape Cod. For some reason, and I can't really think of why, there was no family picture made on that occasion. In fact, the previous family picture, above, was made in 1977, almost twenty years earlier, and it didn't include everyone (my older brother, Stu, and my cousin, Mo, were MIA). But we're all here this time, slightly different line-up, and we now boast two photographers... I'm counting my younger cousin Sarah's boyfriend, Theo Chalmers, even though he's not officially a family member. (I didn't see him with a camera... yet)

We're all here for my Aunt Sarah's (grandmother of the aforementioned cousin) 90th birthday, convening at my cousin Ann's house. I spoke with Ann on Thursday afternoon and she was wondering if I was going to bring my camera, the object of the discussion fairly obvious to you at this point. After we'd discussed the matter at hand I decided to look-up the last family portrait and was pleased that I was able to locate, pull and scan a thirty one year old print from my file in just under two minutes. Quite pleased with myself, actually.
Above: Pobereskin Family 1977, Orangeburg, NY - Nikon F, 28/2.8 Nikkor Lens, Kodak Tri-X Pan film


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