Monday, June 30, 2008

If It's Saturday.....

From 1977 to 1998, twenty one years, I lived (mostly) in the Brooklyn (NYC) neighborhood, Park Slope. I have lots of fond memories of the place, but one of my favorite is shopping in the Farmers' Market located at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park. So much variety from so many local farms, and in a city that already has more than its share of variety in foodstuffs, really makes a place livable.

I believe I've previously mentioned that more and more recently I'm into locally grown, organic foods so...

Fast-forward to this past weekend and I'm finally out and about in Chicagoland. If it's Saturday, there must be a farmers' market for me to kick around in, and wouldn't you know it, I found several. There's the Deerfield Farmers' Market, the hometown favorite; The Chicago Botanic Gardens Farmers' Market, in Glencoe, a few miles away; and the farmers' market in Lincoln Park, on the northeast side of Chicago proper (very easy to get to, you can take the "el").

I chose the Lincoln Park location as it also gave me a plethora of additional wandering opportunities, the others will have to wait. Here are a number of things that I saw, in and out of the produce aisle.
PS: Thanks to the humans at Google for determining that I'm a real person and lifting my suspension, allowing me to continue blogging here. Would a spammer send a thank-you note? JP
All above: Canon EOS-5D, 28~105/3.5~4.5 Canon EF Ultrasonic lens, ISO 400


Blogger Arkadia said...

I´m improving my english, that the reason i´m here: read more and more in your lenguage.

That was a great image of your near world.

I´ll spect more.
See you

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