Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rainy Days & Mondays Never Bring Me Down

I've been in Chicagoland for about a month now, finally getting settled, unpacked the last box just the other day. People are still asking me why I moved and my stock answer seems to be, "It's not for the weather!" Not for the love of driving, either. Traffic here really sucks.

Yeah, so now that I'm all moved in and ready to go back to work and back to blogging, you'd think I'd have something weighty on my mind, something important to say. Nope!

There are no pressing issues at the moment. Legislation is pending, we've all had our say, just have to wait and see what happens.

I do have some phone calls to make, and I'm going to do that in a little bit, trying to rebuild the business, in Chicago, that I walked away from in New York. But that's too heavy for today, I need some lighter fare.

I know! I've got it!! I can write about the weather!!!

It rained here most of the weekend, yesterday too. The sun's out now, a beautiful crystal clear day with a cloudless sky. But yesterday? Yuck!

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and so it is with Chicago weather. One of the fringe benefits of all that rain is that when it stops, colors pop, everything becomes that much more beautiful.

I joined a friend for dinner last night and was struck by the colors of the flowers in the back yard garden. The textures, the shapes, the patterens, the colors... bright and vibrant..... a garden photographer's dream.

Because it had just rained, everything was wet, too. I didn't need to go searching for a spray bottle. Mother Nature put it all in place for me.

If you recall, the last time I did any back yard photography I was in an urban, fairly gritty setting in Maplewood, New Jersey, one of the most beautiful suburbs of New York City. Yesterday I was in a pretty, serene, suburb-like, back yard in the middle of Chicago, maybe America's second largest city.

You may also recall that the last time I did any back yard shooting I was griping about the inequity of my locale versus that of my friends' Eliot and Mark. Not to continue in a jealous vein, but I think I may well be catching up.

Oh, well, it's just about ten o'clock. I guess it's time I stopped goofing around and got down to the real business of photography: finding new clients and new projects to shoot.

But just as important is always carrying a camera, it's important to shoot pictures every day.

You know what I've been up to.

What did you shoot yesterday?
All above: Canon EOS-5D, 50/2.5 Canon Compact-Macro Lens EF, ISO 100


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