Friday, April 18, 2008

Testing - Check, Check, Check, Hey, Hey, 1, 2

Do You See What I See?

Got an e-mail from a new reader this morning (yeah!) who wants to know why I'm using only half the window, the left side. Now I have to ask: do you see what I'm seeing?

I see a blog that looks like the image below..... a column of articles on the left and a column of links on the right. Apparently, it's a Windows anomaly, which can be fixed by adjusting the Text Size in the View menu.

Additionally, there are hot links embedded in the text. The text should appear black and the links should be blue-ish. Also, sometimes the Headline is also a hot link. You'll just have to mouse over that text and see if your cursor changes into one of those little white-gloved hands.

When you click a hot link in the text, a new window should open with the referred site inside it. When you click a hot link in the Headline, your browser will redirect to the referred site and this blog will vanish (until you push your back button).

Okay, now that we're all on the same page I need to ask a favor: If you still don't see what I see, please let me know. Zap an e-mail over to Thanks.

Rock on!


Anonymous Mark Harmel said...

I click on the blur RSS icon and add it to my bookmarks.You can try the process on my blog>

I need to ask a favor: can someone please explain how to make this blog an RSS Feed? I'm lost. Thanks.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Terry Smith Images said...

Hi Joe,

Your blog already has an RSS feed. I've been subscribed to it in by blog reader and reading every one of your posts for years now. (The oldest post of yours in my blog reader is 6/18/06).

Your RSS feed is:

If you're ever in Little Rock, Arkansas give me a shout.

Keep up the good work!

Terry Smith Images

11:41 AM  
Blogger Joe P. said...

Hi guys,

Thanks, Terry, for the info. I'm glad I'm with it.

Mark... I see you have those two cute little RSS icons there which make it *easy* for someone to subscribe. How do I do that?


1:30 PM  

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