Thursday, August 05, 2010

Take The Last Train To Clarksville

Well... we're a month or so into the crowd-sourcing experiment by Domino's Pizza. The idea was, as shown on their television commercial, that Domino's pizza is so good they don't need professional photographers to shoot their ads, why not just send in your best snapshot of a Domino's pizza? Guess what? Judging by the pictures that have been sent in, the last thing I think of eating after looking at them is..... pizza!

The worst of them all, is the one above taken by a contributor in Clarksville, Tennessee. My favorite, for the imagination shown, is the one below. But it still doesn't want to make me eat Domino's pizza. Crowd-sourcing isn't the way to go for food ads!

And there's one more thing, as long as we're talking about Domino's. I've lived in large metropolitan areas all my life, New York City and Chicago, with lots of pizzerias in both locations. Why in the world would you order a pizza from Domino's? Aren't there any Italians where you live?


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