Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Wish I Had A Picture Of Eliot Crowley

I wish I had a picture of Eliot Crowley. Actually, I wish I had a picture of Eliot at-hand right now. I do have a picture of Eliot but I'd have to search for it. The one I have in mind was made in 1991 when he was re-roofing his house in Hollywood, and I'm going to look for it later and post it to the blog.

Okay. You must be wondering why I need a picture of Eliot. Why? (glad you asked) Because Eliot's been blogging for APA and has some interesting things to say, and he also reads Eat At Joe's faithfully and I thought I'd point you all in his direction for a change. Either click on the headline or click here to read Eliot's APA blog.

So what's up with the picture of me? It was made in 1977 by Ken Ohara, when Eliot and I assisted Abe Seltzer. Ken was the technical brain behind Abe's photography and Eliot introduced me to Ken, that's how I got the job. Sometimes it's who you know as much as what you know that counts. Of course, if you know Ken Ohara then you know that I couldn't have gotten that job solely based on being Eliot's friend, I had to have my shit wired real tight.

(wondering when I was going to shamelessly plug myself? don't blink)

In the meantime, I'm going to find my picture of Eliot and post it here. Then, stay tuned because if the stars line-up properly I'm going to see Eliot next week in California and I'll make a new picture of him, perhaps with his new Airstream, and you can see how much he's changed.


Anonymous D.A.Wagner said...

It's been a long time since Ken's name passed in front of my eyes and boy, did it bring back a flood of memories. In '73 I worked for Abe (and Howard). Ken Ohara and Eliot (is this the same Eliot?) were the 1st and 2nd assistants and I was No.3. I recall Eliot was left shortly after I was hired. Did he return after I left? No photos of the Eliot, tho'. Just photos of me, Nobi Shigemoto (took Eliot's place), and maybe a few of Abe.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Joe P. said...

My friend Eliot didn't get to NYC until 1977. We all had a real good time!

12:20 AM  

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