Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Radio Days

Given all of the technology with which I have to be conversant as a photographer, I regret to say that I've let radio slide. Now we have satelite, AM, FM, HD & Internet radio... in your living room or in your car or on your iPod or through your cellular phone... there's radio for days.

I like listening to radio. Here in the office I listen over my Macintosh through iTunes, radioio/country is my favorite Internet station. In my car I'm mostly tuned to WNYC-FM, New York Public Radio, until the sun goes down and WNYC goes all classical. At that point I retune to WCBS-AM, home of the New York Yankees on the air.

I'm not one of those rabid professional sports fans. I don't watch games on television and whatever my (former) wife could ever have possibly complained about, it wasn't that I left her a football widow. But there's something about listening to a ball game on a summer's eve that soothes me, that takes me back to my youth, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Except that in my youth I was always a Met fan.

Back to my inability to decipher modern radio: I don't even know which station brodcasts NY Mets games! I really ought to be ashamed of myself. I listen to the Yankees because it's easy, not because I'm a die hard Yankee fan.

This month, October 2006, and G-d willing, November as well, we here in New York have an all too rare opportunity to savor what we call a Subway Series, a World Series where one can commmute from the American League ballpark to the National League ballpark (and vice versa) via NYC Transit... the good old subway.

However it works out, with both the Yankees and the Mets having clinched their respective division titles, it's a safe bet that one of our teams will be in the World Series. Being a New Yorker I'll be quite pleased to see any of our guys playing in the big game.

But being a National League man, all I can say is: Let's Go Mets!!


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