Thursday, April 08, 2010

Congratulations Stop43... Big Win For UK Photographers

GOOD NEWS! Orphan works defeated in UK!!

Reported by Bob Croxford on

With help from many campaigners who wrote, emailed and tweeted MPs, Clause 43 of the Digital Economy Bill has withdrawn last night. Special thanks should go to Paul Ellis and others of

Jeremy Nicholl's Blog was quoted in the debate. Can be seen in Hansard at column 876. (click link...

More from The Register

(They could take a leaf out of the Stop43 group's successful campaign. Rather than trying to get their names in the papers as Freedom Fighters, using enviro-scare tactics, the photographers quietly stopped the bad legislation through rational persuasion and did so with fewer resources - and less time).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The artists in the US will continue to face similar assaults on Copyright Protection, such as the ill conceived "Orphan Works" legislation.

Lets hope we can function with the cooperative spirit, logic, and persuasion of our UK friends.

L. Skoogfors

11:30 AM  

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