Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What If You Lived Here? Custom!

There’s much to say about the benefits of being protected by the Custom Home Services Group. As a distinct division within ADT Security Services, we offer exceptional service combined with advanced technology and truly custom solutions.

Sometimes, working in the Custom Home Services group can be challenging. Every so often I receive an unusual request from a client.  Most of the time it's for something like an expedited installation due to an immediate threat (Monday), or perhaps a special order part (last week).  Those are relatively easy to deal with.

I have a new client who was so pleased with a special arrangement I made for his father's house here in the Chicago area, that he asked me to design a security program for his own home.  There's nothing unusual about that, per se, except that he lives in a fairly remote area that we don't usually service, he's somewhat off the grid.

We have a process for that, which I'm currently navigating, and I'll soon learn if I can help him.  It's a real one-off situation.  That's why we call it Custom Home Services.


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