Thursday, January 05, 2017

Say "Hello" To My Little Friend

Amazon Echo
ADT welcomes Amazon Echo and Echo Dot products to its Pulse ecosystem, ADT’s remote home security monitoring system that gives consumers the power to control their home security preferences regardless of location.

Beginning this month, ADT customers will be able to integrate home automation skills with Amazon Alexa to arm and disarm their home security system through simple voice commands and a secure PIN. Next month, ADT will offer Alexa devices directly to new and existing customers, facilitating product set-up and additional support for those who purchase the device through ADT. This strategic collaboration enhances the ADT customer experience, ultimately delivering the gold standard in home security.

In addition to using voice control to lock and unlock the door, turn on the lights, arm/disarm the security system and more, ADT Pulse customers can also ask Alexa to provide the status of their home security system and automation devices. Once a command is given to Alexa, she will provide feedback to confirm the action has taken place. A sample of new capabilities include:

 “Alexa: Is my ADT system armed?”
 “Alexa: Tell ADT to disarm my security alarm, using PIN 3095.”
 “Alexa: Tell ADT to lock the front door.”

ADT Pulse connects with a variety of smart home devices to create a smarter, safer home. Delivering seamless security and home automation, the Pulse IS ecosystem features 24/7 fast-response burglary and theft monitoring, secure real-time video, remote arm and disarm, remote door lock and unlock, and climate and lighting control.

This spring, ADT will introduce Pulse v8.0, providing customers with a revamped smart-phone app and a more intuitive experience to manage their security and lifestyle needs. In addition, users will use 3D Home View to check each room for reassurance.

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